• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

LCA develops market intelligence projects for chemical and pharmaceutical product categories (fertilizer, industrial gases, petrochemical resins), including market sizing and demand forecasting to provide strategic decision support.

Our Investment & Corporate finance practice has supplied valuation studies for the elastomer segment. Our Competition Economics practice has acted for the chemical industry in trade defense and produced research on competitiveness for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Market intelligence for petrochemical resins
LCA’s Market Intelligence practice has provided support for the petrochemical industry, including projections of demand for polyolefins and vinylics.

Competitiveness study for pharmaceutical and petrochemical sector
LCA’s Competition Economics practice has acted for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical sector, producing technical analysis on the impact of M&A and other corporate moves on competition.

Trade defense for chemical industry
LCA is active in trade defense, especially for the chemical industry, producing technical opinions, sector studies and research support, and assisting companies and their legal representatives in Chamber of Foreign Trade and ministry proceedings involving safeguards and antidumping investigations, among others.

Valuation for elastomers
LCA’s Investment & Corporate Finance practice has completed a valuation study for a manufacturer of elastomers.