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  • Sectors covered

Food, Beverages & Tobacco

LCA is a pioneer and leader in market intelligence, and has exported MI services to more than ten countries. In competition economics, LCA has participated in important cases such as the Nestlé/Garoto merger.

Market intelligence for food & beverages
LCA has over 13 years of experience in the development of market intelligence (MI) projects for the food and beverage industries. These range from market sizing and demand forecasting to the analysis of product launches and return on investment (ROI) for various categories, such as beer, soft drinks, soups and stocks, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and ice cream.

LCA is currently also developing MI projects for other countries, such as Belgium, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, UK, and USA.

Experience in competition economics
LCA regularly acts for the food, beverage and tobacco industries in antitrust and merger approval proceedings conducted by the Brazilian Competition Defense System (SBDC), partnering with law firms to analyze the impact on competition and fair trade of mergers, acquisitions, and related corporate transactions or strategies. Our expert reports and opinions address the specific characteristics of each market, analyze the production process, and show how these elements affect the competitive environment in which the firms in question operate.

We also engage in other processes of different kinds, such as private litigation and trade defense disputes, designing and developing economic arguments as input for the client’s strategic planning, and presenting technical opinions and expert witness statements.

In addition, LCA supports various branches of the sector in discussions on tax reform and efforts to enhance the Brazilian tax system.