• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Financial services

LCA’s Financial Services works with banks and other financial institutions or providers of financial services. Besides market intelligence projects for credit card companies, as well as top-tier macroeconomic tracking, LCA Short Term is designed to meet the needs of clients for accurate information and real-time analysis of financial markets.

Macroeconomics with a regional focus for decision support
LCA’s macroeconomic forecasting in recognized for consistency and secure decision support in a broad array of areas, from short-term financial positioning to investment in production. The focus is on anticipating economic tendencies in Brazil, especially in economic activity, consumer incomes, and regional disparities across the country.

Specialized service to support short-term decisions
LCA Short Term was launched in September 2009 to provide the best analysis for clients who need highly reliable information on short-term variables.

This service is designed above all as real-time decision support for professionals such as chief economists of financial institutions, analysts, treasurers and traders.

Marketing ROI, market monitoring, services relating to credit and debit cards
LCA has delivered market intelligence projects for the purposes of evaluating the use of financial services such as credit and debit cards, ranging from market monitoring focused on user profiles to proposals for the optimization of marketing ROI in promotional activities.

Valuation and identification of growth opportunities
LCA recently completed a valuation project for a financial institution that specializes in financing credit purchases of white goods for retail chains. The finance house was jointly owned by a retailer and a bank. The findings of the valuation were used to support negotiations between the two groups of controlling shareholders.

We conduct prospective research to identify sectors of economic activity with significant growth opportunities. We analyze factors such as demand booms, transactions involving ownership changes, dilution or concentration, and opportunities deriving from changes in regulation or foreign trade. This approach is highly useful to support strategic decisions by investment banks, mutual funds and pension funds. We also produce financial analysis and valuation studies to support investment decisions by institutional investors, such as foundations and pension funds.