• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Automotive & Auto Parts Manufacturing

The automotive sector in Brazil has become increasingly dynamic in recent years, as manufacturers focus on anticipating the movements of demand to adapt plants and production levels according to market forecasts.

Among the strengths of LCA’s Macroeconomics practice is ongoing analysis of all the major industries, including macro-sectoral studies and substantial input for projects developed by the Market Intelligence and Investment & Corporate Finance practices.

Studies of income & job creation
The automotive sector plays an important role in the Brazilian economy, creating jobs, generating higher incomes, and thus boosting consumer expenditure. LCA analyzes the sector in depth and maintains updated macroeconomic scenarios, as well as supplying input for projects developed by the Market Intelligence practice.

Investment, market intelligence & macro-sectoral studies
Besides constant coverage of the industry for macro-sectoral studies, LCA develops market intelligence projects to anticipate behavior as decision support for clients. Investment & Corporate Finance produces studies covering feasibility analysis, funding, and valuation for companies in this and related sectors.

Impact on demand for light and heavy duty vehicles, tires, and specialty steels
LCA develops models to measure and forecast the impact on vehicle sales of changes in the credit environment, consumer confidence and income levels, as well as variables such as interest rates and the number of installments in credit purchases. We have also analyzed the replacement tire market for manufacturers of light vehicles and trucks, and developed models to forecast demand for automotive steels.

Funding & expansion projects
Our Investment & Corporate Finance practice has analyzed the economic and financial feasibility of expansion projects and supported funding operations by companies in the sector.