• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Agriculture & agribusiness

Agribusiness plays a preponderant role in the regional economy and is extremely important to Brazil’s export performance.

Besides ongoing analysis of specific industries and sectors by the Macroeconomics practice, LCA has experience in market intelligence relating to demand for sugar and ethanol. And our Competition Economics practice regularly participates in regulatory and antitrust proceedings on behalf of the sugar and ethanol industry and the tobacco industry.

We also have expertise in key areas of logistics for the sector (roads, ports and railroads), especially via our Competition Economics and Investment & Corporate Finance practices.

Macroeconomics & planning
The main remit of LCA Macroeconomics is to assist clients with decision making and medium- and long-term planning. Our analysis of specific industries and sectors provides input for macroeconomic projections and guidance for clients who are major regional players.

Competition and regulation for ethanol, fertilizer & tobacco
In antitrust and regulation projects we evaluate the intrinsic aspects of each production chain to provide input for proceedings involving antitrust bodies, and to support companies and industry associations in formulating and defending alternatives for approval by competent authorities such as ministries and regulators.
The Competition Economics practice also develops research and analysis for private litigation and trade defense proceedings.

Sugar & ethanol demand models
For some years LCA has developed models for analyzing and projecting international prices and volumes, taking the specific characteristics of each market into account.

Our ethanol demand models take into account recent changes and the outlook for vehicle fleets as well as relative prices and efficiencies for alternatives fuels, especially gasoline and natural gas (NGV).

Our sugar demand models take into account subsidy arbitrage and other structural variables linked to domestic and international supply and to movements in financial markets.

Expertise in logistics & transportation (ports, railroads, roads)
LCA also covers ports, railroads and roads, all of which are key sectors for agribusiness. Recent projects in logistics and transportation include expert opinions and technical reports on operating efficiency and its relationship to scale and handling capacity (concentration ports); expert opinions on the role of private or general cargo ports in a concession regime; and economic and financial feasibility studies for port, railroad and road expansion projects.