• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Metals & Mining

Besides the widely recognized excellence of its macroeconomic and sectoral research, as evidenced by its in-depth understanding of all the main industries and their specific characteristics, LCA’s experience in metals and mining also encompasses projects in market intelligence and competition economics.

Market intelligence for intermediate goods
In market intelligence (market sizing and forecasting), we have completed analysis and research for clients in markets such as steel, aluminum, iron ore and rebars.

Specific themes and scale/scope economy issues for competition economics
We develop projects in legal or competition economics, with outstanding expertise in studies of the impact of competition on corporate strategy. Competition pattern analysis focuses on aspects intrinsic to the production process in the sector, such as the need to operate on a large scale and the presence of scope economies.

Litigation support
LCA has already provided consulting services in connection with litigation between companies, advising clients and counsel on contractual issues, especially relating to the long-term contracts that are characteristic of the various links in this production chain.