• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Appliances, Electronics & IT

The appliance and electronics industry is highly dynamic and correlates closely with the overall performance of the Brazilian economy. Players in this sector seek to anticipate the economic tendencies and demand for their products so as to tailor production and marketing strategies to the outlook for the market several years ahead.

Our Competition Economics practice recently produced a study on the prospects for the sector to 2020 in partnership with Abinee, the Brazilian electrical and electronics industry association.

LCA also produces market intelligence studies for front-ranking firms in various segments of the sector and offers expertise in the area of investment and corporate finance.

Market Intelligence for white goods, brown goods and portable appliances
We are currently producing market intelligence studies (market sizing and forecasting) for nine categories in the sector, covering white goods, brown goods and portable appliances.

Outlook for the electrical and electronics industry to 2020
In addition to capabilities in competition and trade defense, LCA produces studies focusing on sectoral analysis and public policy proposals.

In 2009, in partnership with Abinee, the Brazilian electrical and electronics industry association, LCA produced a study focusing on intense development of the sector between now and 2020. The report presents the prospects for domestic production and foreign trade for the different segments of the appliance industry over the period in question. It also puts forward proposals for policy measures to construct a new trajectory for the Brazilian electrical and electronics sector.

Expertise in Investment & Corporate Finance for appliances and IT hardware and software
LCA offers expertise and project development in funding, valuation and economic and financial feasibility for manufacturers of home appliances, electronics, and IT hardware and software.