• About LCA
  • About LCA
A LCA É uma das maiores consultorias econÔmicas do Brasil.
Com treze anos de experiÊncia e uma equipe altamente qualificada, a LCA se destaca em suas quatro áreas de atuação.

Our clients include companies that are leaders in consumer goods, capital goods, retailing and other services, as well as front-ranking law firms and financial institutions, and major investors in infrastructure.

Our staff comprises 80 specialists in economics. We prioritize long-term relationships with clients based on a genuine partnership between senior management teams on both sides. LCA has the following practice areas: Macroeconomics, Market Intelligence, Competition Economics, and Investment & Corporate Finance.

We are recognized for the excellence of our products and services, expertise in applied economics, outstanding quality in account management, and our willingness to work as genuine partners of our clients. Several clients have been referred to us by other clients.