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LCA Regional offers specialized support for business decision making via reports containing objective analysis on each of Brazil’s five geographical regions, as well as a database and projections for the main regional indicators.

LCA Regional Data Bank
Regional database organized by economic topics, covering indicators for International Trade, Retail, Services, Electric Energy Consumption, Basic Staples Cost, Jobs Market, Public Finances (Tax Revenues, Debt, Financing Need and Social Security), IBC-R (Monthly GDP by state), IPCA, Car Registrations, real Income Mass, , Credit Operations and Delinquency, State GDP, Municipal GDP, and Manufacturing Output.

LCA Regional Forecasts  (Monthly)
Monthly updated spreadsheets with time series and forecasts (up to 2030) covering the main economic indicators for the twenty-seven Brazilian states and its five geographic regions (North, Northeast, Center-West, Southeast, and South).

The data are provided on annual basis and its variables include Demographics (Population and Households), Regional Finances (Total GDP, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services), Jobs Market (Real Income Mass, Occupation, Real Average Income) and Retail Sales.

Consumption Potential LCA
This is a database on Potential Annual Household Spending at current market prices, developed to help firms identify potential spending on the main consumer staples. Data available by city, income group (ABEP criteria) and product/service category.
CP LCA covers 60 categories. Analysis for other categories of interest to the client can be developed on demand.