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Under the guidance of economist Celso Toledo, LCA Short Terms caters to professionals that rely on swift, daily support for their analyses and decision making processes.

Clients are assured of direct and immediate access to consultants.

Presentations of the macroeconomics and political scenario, with a customized time horizon and subject focus in accordance with the client's requirements.

LCA database: key indicators in extensive time series. Regularly updated and easy to use. Ready to complement management reports for use by directors or to input analysts and traders' spreadsheets.

Conference calls: to discuss the scenario or specific topics in more detail.

Personalized consulting sessions, by phone or e-mail.

Boletim Diário
daily bulletin emailed at 8 am with updates on key indicators, analysis of the day's topics and a critical overview of the previous day's events.

Monitor de Inflação
terms of expected administered price resets, analysis of movements in commodity prices, and adjustment of LCA's inflation forecasts to new data (broken down by price index component).

Monitor Diário da Atividade Econômica
daily monitoring of economic activity data and reports summarized concisely by LCA.

Análise LCA
analysis of key economic indicators and events, focusing on their impact on markets and scenarios, sent up to 30 minutes after the reports in question are published. Special issues present studies in greater depth. Clients receive some 20 issues of Análise LCA each month.

Monitor Diário de Inflação
Daily monitoring of relevant information on inflation, these grouped up under three topics: inflation expectations (market and LCA), monitored prices (in accordance with Brazil Central Bank ranking) and agribusiness prices – including the LCA Indicator of Agribusiness Prices, daily proxy of Agribusiness IPA (Agribusiness Tax), component of the IGP-DI FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation’s General Price Index).

Projeções LCA
Weekly updated spreadsheets with LCA’s short and long-term forecasts (2011-2030).

Agenda LCA
Day-planner carrying indicators and economic events to be released in the coming weeks. Whenever pertinent, market expectations and the latest observed results for each indicator shall be included.

Debate LCA
Weekly publication undersigned by LCA economists or guests, containing comments on relevant topics concerning current economic debate both in the Brazilian and international economies.

Análise Política LCA

Commentary and analysis of the week's main political news, and the repercussions for the markets and business.