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LCA Market Model & Forecast
LCA's market analysis and models can be used to enhance planning of production, procurement, logistics, sales and investment. We map market drivers and market share drivers to help you understand how each one affects your business.

LCA Market Sizing
LCA's Market Sizing tool permits more accurate measurement of the correlation between sales and the overall market. We estimate the actual size of the market and analyze changes in inventories of your brand in the market concerned.

LCA Market Forecast
Identification of market drivers, helping you understand sales trends and flows, make projections and simulations, so as to plan future sales more reliably.

LCA Share Forecast
Understanding how the drivers of your brand and competing brands affect market share enables you to plan better for the short and medium term. We analyze the past behavior of your market share and forecast its future performance.

Simulators, dashboards and projections help plan monthly sales, analyze mix and segmentation, and evaluate pricing and distribution scenarios for your own business and those of your competitors.

LCA also produces analysis and forecasts that simulate market potential for innovations and line extensions, to support volume planning, pricing, distribution and marketing of product launches.