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LCA Marketing ROI
LCA develops exclusive models for the specific needs of each company, providing a solid foundation on which to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of trade spending and investment in marketing.

LCA ROI Budget
LCA evaluates the client's complete marketing budget to optimize, simulate and track marketing effectiveness with regard to market share, profit and brand image. We work with the client to simulate and optimize budget scenarios by brand and type of action (media, trade, sponsors), in accordance with the client's strategic objectives.

LCA ROI Activity

LCA ROI Activity is designed to support decisions on specific actions based on analysis of ROI. We optimize trade and marketing spend by estimating ROI for each, and isolating other factors that affect the market in the period.

Clients can estimate and simulate ROI for marketing campaigns and related activities with a user-friendly tool on the Excel platform.

LCA Trade ROI estimates the return on trade spending (planned or executed) by type of action, category, product, distribution network and point of sale, as providing excellent strategic and tactical decision support.

Activities can be ranked according to ROI by volume, revenue or contribution margin, using a built-in learning log.