• Produtos
  • Produtos LCA
  • Macroeconomia
  • Intelig?cia de Mercados
  • Economia de Direito
  • Investimentos e Finan?s Corporativas
Produtos de Macroeconomia
  • Publications
  • Customized presentations
  • LCA database: easy to use
  • Personalized consulting sessions by phone or e-mail
  • Conference calls to discuss the scenario or specific
    topics in more detail
  • Boletim Diário: daily bulletin emailed at 8 am
  • Monitor de Inflação inflation monitored in terms of expected
    administered price resets and analysis of movements
    in commodity prices
  • LCA database: ready to input analysts' and traders' spreadsheets
  • Análise LCA
  • Customized Presentations
  • in more detail
  • Personalized consulting sessions by phone or e-mail
  • LCA Industry Report
  • Industry Synopsis
  • Commodity Monitor
  • Customized Industry Studies
  • Customized services, lectures and conference calls
  • LCA Regional Database
  • LCA Regional Forecasts
  • LCA Regional Report
  • LCAConsumptionPotential

Market Model & Forecast
  • LCA Market Forecasting: our market forecasting models can be
    used to enhance production planning based on analysis of market
    share, procurement, logistics and investment
  • LCA Marketing ROI: exclusive models for the specific needs of
    each company, providing a solid foundation on which to evaluate and
    enhance the effectiveness of trade spending and investment
    in marketing
  • LCA Basics: Concise and practical solutionsfor market sizing
    and forecasting.

Produtos de Economia do Direito
  • Competition Economics: technical opinions, strategy, interaction
    with authorities
  • Regulation: LCA supports the formulation of alternatives and
    their defense for approval by regulators
  • Sectoral: studies and policy proposals
  • Tax: studies, technical opinions and policy proposals
  • Trade Defense: sector studies and research support
  • Litigation: design and development of economic arguments for
    defense strategies

Produtos de Investimentos e Finan?s Corporativas
  • Financial structuring & funding
  • Valuation
  • Economic & financial feasibility studies
  • Technical reports & economic/financial opinions
  • Investment opportunity analysis & prospecting