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Bernardo Gouthier Macedo

Bernardo Gouthier Macedo

Doctor of Economics, Unicamp. Formerly a special advisor to the Ministry of Finance (2003), a member of the Board of Directors of Banco do Brasil (2007-2015), of Caixa Econômica Federal (2003-2004), of BESC (2003) and of BDMG (2015), IBGC-certified.

seta_verde Extended CV
Bernardo Gouthier Macedo

Doctor of Economics, Unicamp. Formerly a special advisor to the Ministry of Finance (2003), a member of the Board of Directors of Banco do Brasil (2007-2015), of Caixa Econômica Federal (2003-2004), of BESC (2003) and of BDMG (2015), IBGC-certified. Listed in the International Who's Who of Competition Lawyers and Economists since 2012 and Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network since 2011. Was the economist in charge of the Global Competition Review’s Merger Matter of Year – Americas (2015) winning paper. Lecturer of the Continued Education Program of GVlaw-FGV.

Carlos Urso Júnior

Carlos Urso Júnior

Graduate degree, FEA/USP, with more than 20 years’ experience monitoring and analyzing the economic scenario. Active in staff management and the macroeconomics portfolio at LCA. Formerly with the Public Sector Economics Institute (“Instituto de Economia do Setor Público” – IESP/Fundap).

Carlos Urso Júnior

Celso Toledo

Celso Toledo

Technical Macroeconomics Director. Doctor of Economics, FEA/USP, Master of Economics, FGV/EESP, specialization degree, University of Texas at Austin. Former editorialist at newspaper Folha de S.Paulo and a practicing consultant since 1988 (initially at MB Associados). Former managing partner at MCM.

Celso Toledo

Cláudia Viegas

Cláudia Viegas

PhD in economics from the University of São Paulo (USP). Former Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Finance’s Economic Surveillance Department (SEAE/MF), with economic regulation and antitrust experience in several sectors. Lecturer in graduate studies at FGV and FIPE/USP.

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Cláudia Viegas

Doctor, Master and Bachelor of Economics, FEA/USP, having earned first place in the Academic Excellence prize for her graduation paper. Responsible for the Economic Regulation and Public Policy areas, with more than 18 years’ experience as an economic consultant. Former deputy secretary of the Ministry of Finance’s SEAE, active on competition defense and economic regulation for various industries, particular notice due on telecommunications and media; healthcare (member of the CMED); and energy. Former Member of the Boards of Directors of EPE and EMBRAPA, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, representing it at the CMED (Medicinal Drugs Board), the CNDD (National Diffuse Rights Council), and the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the development of Digital Television. Former director of the FIESP’s DEREX. Former lecturer of the GVLaw Continued Legal Education program. Former professor at post-graduate courses of EESP-FGV. Since 2008 a professor at the post-graduate program of FIPE/USP.

Cristian Andrei

Cristian Andrei

Graduated in economics from the University of São Paulo (USP), graduate studies at the University of Campinas (Unicamp). More than 20 years of experience in consulting. Has led teams and projects in all of LCA’s practice areas.

Cristian Andrei

Fernando Camargo

Fernando Camargo

Specialist in infrastructure with ample expertise in energy, sanitation and logistics. Also experienced in financial structuring, project finance and M&A. Graduated in economics from the University of São Paulo (USP). Master’s from the University of Campinas (Unicamp). Twenty years of experience in consulting.

Fernando Camargo

Fernando Sampaio

Fernando Sampaio

Managing partner, LCA Consultores, has been a consultant since 1995. Bachelor of Economics, USP, with a post-graduate degree from Unicamp. Formerly a researcher (at Cebrap and Fundap), a columnist for newspapers Gazeta Mercantil and Jornal do Brasil, and editorial writer for newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

Fernando Sampaio

Gustavo Madi Rezende

Gustavo Madi Rezende

Master’s in economic theory from the University of Campinas’s Economics Institute (IE-UNICAMP). Graduated in economics from the University of São Paulo’s School of Economics & Administration (FEA-USP). Head of Taxation and Commercial Defense at LCA, with over 15 years of experience in economic consulting.

seta_verde Extended CV
Gustavo Madi Rezende

Director of the Law & Economics area, with particular emphasis on taxation and commercial defense, and more than 15 years’ experience as an economic consultant. Also active in dispute-related economic analysis – having served as expert witness for arbitration proceedings; and competition defense. Master of Economics, IE/UNICAMP, and bachelor of Economics, FEA/USP. Listed by Who’s Who Legal as a highlight economist for competition-related matters. Former coordinator and professor of the applied microeconomics for legal antitrust matters, promoted by IBRAC and Mackenzie University in 2012 and 2015; and lecturer at the GVLaw Continued Legal Education program.

José Luiz Chabassus Maia

José Luiz Chabassus Maia

Master's in economic development from UNICAMP, BSc in economics from PUC-SP. More than 12 years experience in consulting, having worked in the nondurable consumer goods industry for 12 years.

José Luiz Chabassus Maia

Silvia Fagá

Silvia Fagá

PhD in Economics (FGV-SP), former visiting scholar at Columbia University-NY. Silvia was a member of EESP-FGV’s and FIPE’s Economics faculty. Listed since 2015 in the GCR Who’s Who Legal: Competition. Director at IBRAC (2016/19).

seta_verde Extended CV
Silvia Fagá

Bachelor of Economics, FEA-USP, and Doctor of Business Economics, FGV-SP, with her doctor’s thesis placing first in the 4th SEAE/MF Awards, 2009. Former visiting scholar, Columbia University – NY (2011-2012). Economics professor at FGV’s MBA program and professor of the post-graduate programs of EESP-FGV and FIPE/USP. Listed since 2015 by the Global Competition Review’s Who’s Who Legal as an international highlight economist for competition-related matters, and since 2021 as a Thought Leader in the competition area. Former director of the IBRAC Economics Committee from 2016 to 2019 and director of the IBRAC Digital Markets Committee from 2019 to 2021. Currently a Board Member of IBRAC.

  • Alexandros Petridis

    Bachelor of Economics, Insper. Active in the Corporate Investment and Finance area. Formerly with Apsis Consultoria as a trainee and junior consultant, where he audited and contacted customers, and analyzed financial documentation and valuation reports.

  • Alian Damasceno Rodrigues

    Master of Statistics candidate, UFRJ, and Bachelor of Economics, UFABC. Former Technical Assistant Inspector of the São Paulo State Audit Court, where he was active in external accounting auditing and Jurisdictional Entities contracting, as well as in government revenues analysis and forecast modeling.

  • Ana Luisa Lisboa de Mello

    Economist at the Macroeconomic area. Graduate degree in economics, FEA/USP, and Master of Economics candidate, FGV-SP. Served as analyst in the public-sector and financial institutions credit risk area at Citibank and as an intern at the Trade Finance Sales area of Deutsche Bank, helping with daily product quotes and visiting customers to gain awareness of their industries and sectors. Participant in the exchange program with the Freiburg University.

  • Anna Olimpia de Moura Leite

    Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in economics from the University of São Paulo’s School of Economics & Administration (FEA-USP). Specialist in antitrust and public policy in competition economics. Former technical advisor to the mayor of São Paulo and economic advisor in the City of São Paulo Department of Finance & Economic Development (2013-14).

  • Antonio Pedro Rima de Oliveira Faria

    Master of Business Law and Economic and Social Development, FGV. Active in the Law and Economics area. Former intern at the law firm Ulhôa Canto Advogados in the electric energy area and later a researcher at the Global Commerce and Investment Studies Center of Fundação Getúlio Vargas, where he drafted studies on free trade agreements, foreign trade barriers, Brazilian trade relations, and academic papers on Brazil and the OECD.

  • Bianca Villamarim de Oliveira

    Master of Applied Economics, PPGE/UFJF , and post-graduate Data Science student, USP/ESALQ. Active in the Law and Economics area. Former intern at MRS Logística, responsible for customer service and analysis of financial and operational indicators. Later an analyst at Sal Express, responsible for developing and automating processes, reports and dashboards.

  • Bráulio Lima Borges

    Senior Economist at LCA’s Macroeconomics area, where he has been since 2004, and associate researcher at IBRE/FGV since 2015. Master of Economics, IPE/USP and graduate degree in Economics, FEA/USP. Won the National Treasury Award for his master’s dissertation in Public Finance. Formerly with the economics department at Telefónica and Post-Graduate Macroeconomics professor at GVLaw.

  • Bruno Imaizumi

    Bachelor of Economics and post-graduate student of Data Science at the Escola de Economia de São Paulo (EESP) FGV, and active in the Macroeconomics domain. Former intern at Banco Fibra, at the “Por quê? Economês em bom português” Webpage and at consultants A.C. Pastore & Associados. Currently a contributor to Grupo Globo’s Sports Statistics Spy, developing content, indicators and predictive models for Brazilian soccer.

  • Caio de Souza Pinto Paoliello

    Bachelor of Economics, Universidade de São Paulo. Active in Market Intelligence. Interned at the Economic Research Institute Foundation – FIPE, where he was responsible for preparing market surveys and organizing socioeconomic data. Also interned at FIESP, where he was responsible for organizing, maintaining and managing competitiveness databanks.

  • Carlos Joaquim

    Bachelor and Master of Economics, PUC-SP. Previously an economist at Cosan’s research area.

  • César Hideki Yamamoto

    Markets & Sectors economist. Graduated in economics from FEA/USP. Master’s from FGV. Previously with ACNielsen’s sales department.

  • Cintya Yeung

    Bachelor of Economics, Insper. Active in the Market Intelligence area. Formerly an intern with Mori Energia Solar, developing sales plans and campaigns, and with Somos Educação, serving as a consultant on project management, case analysis, and internal and external benchmarking.

  • Claudio Adilson Gonçalez

    Doctor of Economics, University of São Paulo – USP. More than 30 years’ experience in the public and private sectors and in Academia. Part of the Federal Government’s economy team in 1985-1990, having held important positions, such as Head Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance.

  • Cosmo Donato

    Bachelor of Economics, FEA/USP and Master of Economics candidate, FGV-EESP. Active in the Macroeconomics area. Specializes in the labor market and industry analysis, with additional experience in covering other situational indicators and market intelligence projects. Formerly an economist with M. Safra Money Managers.

  • Dario Alexandre Guerrero

    Senior project manager. Doctor of Economics, Economics, Administration and Accounting School of the University of São Paulo. Graduate Accounting student at FIPECAFI. Active in corporate finance, economic regulation and market intelligence.

  • Elias Celestino Cavalcante

    Master’s in economic theory and BSc in economics from the University of São Paulo (USP). Employed in LCA’s Market Intelligence practice. Former economic research intern at Banco Bradesco.

  • Fábio Romão Silveira

    Economist at the Macroeconomics area. Graduate and Master’s degrees, UNESP, with 17 years’ experience as an economic consultant. Specializes in inflation and the jobs market. Formerly a researcher with the Industrial Economics Studies Group (“Grupo de estudos em Economia Industrial” – GEEIN) and the Economic Situation and Studies Center (“Núcleo de Conjuntura e Estudos Econômicos” – NCEE), where he worked in partnership with SEBRAE-SP.

  • Fabio Xavier da Silveira Rosa

    Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration student at Insper. Active in Investment and Corporate Finance. Previous experience as economist in court and arbitration expert opinions, preparation of economic and financial reports, consultancy and advice on Economics, Finance and Management at Tarobá Engenharia e Negócios, also interned at Patagon Partners, in the Mergers & Acquisitions area, where he prepared InfoMemos, financial models and sectoral, economic and market studies.

  • Felipe Costa

    Master of Economics Candidate at Universidade de São Paulo – Ribeirão Preto. Interned at MCM until 2015, assisting customer service and research in the economy, credit and politics areas, and at FIPE, carrying out projects in the regional economy area.

  • Felipe Lopes

    Doctor and Master of Economics, EESP-FGV, and Bachelor of Economics, Insper. Former visiting professor, Washington University in St. Louis, in 2017. Former assistant professor of Statistics, Basic Econometrics and Time Series Econometrics, Insper, in 2013-2014, and assistant professor of Economic History, EESP-FGV, in 2016. At LCA, he has experience in taxation, foreign trade and dispute-related economic analysis. Currently a professor at undergraduate and post-graduate programs at Insper.

  • Fernando Sakon

    Graduated in Economics from FEA / USP (2008). Specialist in regulation and public policies. Formerly an special advisor to the Minister of Education and Civil Cabinet of Presidency (2013-2016) and consultant at Ideias Consultoria developing macroeconomic research and analysis.

  • Fernando Silveira

    Bachelor of Economics, FEA/USP. Active in the Law and Economics area since April 2017. Formerly at the credit card operations planning area of Itaú Unibanco from November 2015 to May 2016.

  • Flavia Motta

    Master of Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science. Active in the Market Intelligence area. Formerly a research assistant with FIPE, monitoring Brazil’s accords and collective conventions, running statistical data analyses on wage adjustments, floor wages, profit-sharing, and more. Also formerly a Junior Economist with Berkana Patrimônio Brasil, where one of her functions included the performance of Macroeconomic analyses and the construction of domestic and international scenarios.

  • Flavia Ribeiro

    Graduated in economics from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and employed in LCA’s Market Intelligence practice. Former consultant in strategic planning and results-oriented management implementation projects for public institutions, state and city governments, and private enterprise. Team leader and technical head of applied economics product development for consultancy projects.

  • Francisco Pessoa Faria Júnior

    Macroeconomics and sectorial scenarios specialist. Graduate and Master’s degrees in Economics, FEA/USP, with 18 years’ experience as a consultant. Currently responsible for the development of special investigations into several areas, such as National Accounts, income, and inflation. Formerly a consultant with Ideias and technical area coordinator at Rosenberg e Associados.

  • Gabriel Takahashi

    Master of Economics candidate, Insper. Bachelor of Economics, FEA-USP. Analyst at the Law and Economics area since April 2016. Active in projects involving competition defense, economic regulation and public policy. Formerly at the financial planning area of Cinemark Brasil from September 2015 to April 2016.

  • Giovanna de Camillis Bignami Serafim

    Bachelor of Economics, Insper. Active in Market Intelligence. Former Fundraising Director of the Insper Students Association, an area that required communication and negotiation skills. Also formerly an economist at E2, carrying out macroeconomic index analyses, sectoral indices forecasting and analysis, and other tasks.

  • Guilherme Strifezzi Leal

    Master’s in economics from the University of São Paulo (USP). Currently employed in LCA’s Market Intelligence practice. Former exchange student in finance and economics at Harvard, trainee with Credit Suisse working on equity research (utilities), and lecturer in macroeconomics to master’s students at USP.

  • Gustavo Graf Villabruna

    Bachelor of Economics, Campinas State University. Active in the Law and Economics. Former Shopper & Consumer Insights intern at Nielsen, where he was responsible for assisting consultancy projects in the area of consumer and shopper understanding.

  • Henrique Ferreira dos Santos Vicente

    Bachelor of Economics, FEA-USP, and Master of International and Development Economics, Johns Hopkins University - SAIS. Also a Bachelor of International Relations, PUC-SP. Recent experience as a consultant with the World Bank, the ECLAC-UNO, and the Latin America department of the Albright Stonebridge Group. Formerly dedicated to political risk at Prospectiva Consultoria. Currently Senior Economist at LCA’s Law & Economics area.

  • Jessica de Araujo Silva Caieiro

    Bachelor of Economics, FEA-USP and post-graduate degree in Data Science and Decisioning, Insper. Active in the Law and Economics area. Former Corporate Pricing and FP&A Analyst at CSU Cardsystem, providing support to commercial areas, carrying out investment pricing and control for new operation implementations, and consolidating and analyzing the company’s financial indicators. Also a former intern at the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where she conducted negotiations with industrial-sector executives.

  • João Carlos Nicolini de Morais

    Doctor of Economics, University of Brasília. Former coordinator of the economic studies department of antitrust authority CADE, where he led a small team dedicated to drafting expert opinions on M&A cases. Former advisor and subsequently manager ofd Public Accounts at the Goiás State Economy Bureau. Currently an economist at the Law and Economics area.

  • João Marchi

    Graduated in economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Employed as an economist in LCA’s Competition Economics practice, focusing on economic regulation, antitrust and public policy. Former intern with Ultrapar (Grupo Ultra) working on corporate planning and investment (2016).

  • João Pedro Revoredo Pereira da Costa

    Bachelor of Economics, PUC-SP and Master of Economics candidate, CEDEPLAR/UFMG. Project analyst at the Law and Economics area. Interned at Banco Votorantim, working with the private bank advisors team, preparing macroeconomic reports. Also did volunteer work, having been President of the UFRN’s Economics Students Association, tending to student demands and coordinating, planning and organizing lecture and courses.

  • Leandro Dias Daumas

    Post-graduate student of Data Science and Analytics, USP, and Master of Economics, UERJ. Active in Market Intelligence. Previously an Economic Research Technician at FGV, where some of his activities included targets control, data treatment, analysis, seasonal weighting and review for FGV Surveys. Also a former Information Analyst at UQBAR, preparing papers and reports, risk analyses, and carrying out additional tasks.

  • Leonardo de Castro Lima

    Bachelor of Economics and Master of Industrial and Technology Economics. Active in Law & Economics. Formerly a consultant at FINEP, preparing financing policy impact evaluation models. Subsequently an assistant researcher at FGV, where some of his tasks included preparing innovation indicator analyses and drawing comparisons between Brazilian and other economies’ innovation indicators.

  • Leonardo Makoto Kawahara

    Bachelor of Economics, USP, and Master of Economics, FGV-EESP. Active in Law & Economics. Currently an Applied and Computer Mathematics student at USP. Former Financial Analyst at Neo Serviços and later an intern at FIPE, where he worked with databanks in the IT area.

  • Lucas Rocca

    Bachelor of Economics, FEA-USP. Active in the Macroeconomics area. His career began as economist at the FIESP Economic Research and Studies department, drafting economic situation analysis bulletins and carrying out economic studies on various topics, with particular emphasis on manufacturing. Mr. Rocca was responsible for São Paulo State Manufacturing Surveys and Construction Industry Surveys.

  • Luisa do Amaral Camargo

    Bachelor of Economics, Unicamp and Master of Economics, Universidade de Brasília. Active in Market Intelligence. Formerly a consultant at GMS Management Solutions, where her activities included consultancy to customers’ Management Information Systems (MIS). Subsequently worked at Decode (BTG Pactual) as Research analyst, monitoring the political and economic panorama and preparing periodic reports and analyses based on digital-medium data on the subject, among other tasks.

  • Marcelo Randolfo da Costa Januário

    Bachelor of Economics, PUC and Master of Economics Candidate, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Active in Market Intelligence. Formerly student tutor, Econometrics, at PUC and then Assistant Professor of Macroeconomics, UFMG.

  • Marcio Kupper Pagés

    Formerly an Economics consultant at MCM Consultores Associados, specializing in the market intelligence and macroeconomics area (2004-2007). An Econometrics expert, he undertook projects such as the construction of market concentration indicators for the Economic Monitoring Bureau (SAE), economic modeling of the metal commodities market for intertemporal pricing, and a market study and econometric model for one of the largest food companies in Brazil. Bachelor of Economics, FEA-USP. Took part in the study on the connection between corporate events and macroeconomic performance in BRIC countries led by the Harvard Business School (2005); and participated in the “Cross Section and Panel Data" for the post-graduate Economics program at FEA-USP (2006).

  • Maria Gabriela Fonseca Mazoni do Nascimento

    Graduated in economics from the University of São Paulo (FEA-RP/USP). Master’s in economic theory from IPE-USP. Manager of LCA’s Investment & Corporate Finance practice. Previously a research assistant working on social policy assessment at Institute for Economic Research Foundation (FIPE).

  • Michael Burt

    Bachelor of Economics from FEA-USP. Monitors the credit market and prepares industry scenarios. Worked at FIESP for 3 years, first as intern at the Economic Research and Studies Department (DEPECON) and later as an analyst at the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Department (DEMPI).

  • Michelle Turu

    Graduated in economic sciences from EESP-FGV. Member of LCA’s Market Intelligence team. Formerly in telecom market intelligence with International Data Corporation (IDC).

  • Neuremberg de Matos da Costa

    Bachelor of Economics, Universidade de Brasília. Active in Market Intelligence. Formerly an Assistant Researcher at the Machine Learning Laboratory in Finance and Organizations (LAMFO), doing machine-learning research and applying machine-learning models to organizational finance and consultancy projects, based on data-science solutions. Also formerly a Commercial Intelligence Consultant at the Brazilian National Industrial Confederation – CNI, developing machine-learning solutions for CRM data qualification, and customer segmentation, qualification and development.

  • Paulo Henrique de Oliveira

    Bachelor of Economics, São Paulo Federal University (UNIFESP) and also an associate researcher at the Observatório do Poder Econômico (OPE-UNIFESP) and member of the Digital Markets Committee of IBRAC (Brazilian Institute of Competition, Consumer and International Trade Studies). Active as an economist in the Law and Economics area, focusing on competition defense, economic regulation, and public policy implementation and evaluation.

  • Pedro Henrique da Silva Santos Salerno

    Master of Economics, USP, and Bachelor of Economics, UFG. Active in the Law and Economics area. Interned at GRUPOM in the Political and Opinion Polling area, processing data and drafting final reports for customers, including charts and other data representation tools.

  • Pedro Paulo Amaral Zopello

    Economics Student, Universidade de São Paulo. Active in Market Intelligence. Participated in the creation of the FIPE Public Procurement Table as an intern, and also interned at the Public Policy Center of Insper, working on Stata database manipulation and later carrying out national accounts and public spending analyses.

  • Raquel Andrade

    Graduated in economics from the University of Campinas (Unicamp). Member of LCA’s Market Intelligence team. Formerly with Siemens Brazil and Empresa Júnior ECONOMICA.

  • Rayne Aparecida Alves Santos

    Bachelor of Economics. USP. Active in Market Intelligence. Interned at FIPE, where she was responsible for data gathering and surveys on the Brazilian jobs market, as well as other topics of economic relevance. Subsequently an intern at Tendências, in the Macro-Industry area, preparing economic variable forecasts and scenarios, analyzing data, and preparing custom economic and political scenario analyses for projects.

  • Roberta Maitino de Oliveira Alves

    Bachelor´s degree in economics from the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP) and master´s in business economics from FGV-SP. Project manager in LCA’s Market Intelligence practice.

  • Rodrigo Nishida

    Economist at the Macroeconomics area. Master of Macroeconomics and Finance, FGV/EESP, and graduate degree, FEA/USP. Monitors and develops macroeconomic scenarios with particular focus on industrial output; also active in sectorial economics, with emphasis on the automotive and oil and natural gas industries. Formerly an intern with the Economics Research Institute Foundation (“Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas” – FIPE).

  • Tamiris Oliveira de Morais

    Economics, student PUC. Active in Market Intelligence. Interned at the Market Intelligence and Agribusiness Sector Analysis area of consulting firm Tendências, and also at Sul América Investimentos, in the Operations and Back-Office area.

  • Thaís Marzola Zara

    Bachelor and Master of Economics, USP. Active in Macroeconomics. Interned at FIPE, preparing and running field research, analyzing data and performing statistical inference. Became an economist at Rosenberg Associados in 2002 and soon thereafter became Head Economist, leading the macroeconomic tracking team, building econometric models for economic forecasting. And preparing economic studies and reports.

  • Thovan Tucakov

    Chief Data Officer at LCA Consultores. Master of Macroeconomics from FGV/EESP and Bachelor of Economics from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. More than 10 years’ experience in the economic studies area, having taken part in the preparation of macroeconomic scenarios and leading regional and sectoral analysis projects. In recent years, has been dedicated to the development of new technology products focusing on data collection (mining), structuring, organization, analysis and visualization.

  • Valentin Pataca Femena

    Graduated in economic sciences from the University of São Paulo (FEA/USP). Member of LCA’s Market Intelligence team. Previously in pharmaceuticals industry research with FIPE.

  • Veronica de Castro Lameira

    Doctor of Economics, UFMG. Active in Law & Economics. Participated in a research project at Princeton University and then became a Professor at the Universidade Federal de São João Del-Rei, where she taught subjects including Macroeconomics, Foreign Trade, and Economics.

  • Verônica Lazarini Cardoso

    Bachelor of Economics, UFMG and Master of Applied Economics, PPGE/UFJF. Formerly engaged in research projects for IPEA and CEDEPLAR, with a main focus on regional industrial economy. Active in the Law & Economics area for more than 6 years. As project manager, has led taxation, foreign trade and dispute-related studies above all.

  • Victor Lopes

    Graduated in economic sciences from the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP). Master’s from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV/EESP). Project Manager in LCA’s Market Intelligence practice. Previously in personal banking products with Santander.