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Our clients

We are proud of our client relationships, grounded in trust and satisfaction.

  • Fábio Prado
    CEO, Unilever México (2013)

    Working in closing partnership with our team, LCA developed solid tools that help us greatly to develop our strategies and decision making process. The in-depth knowledge of its professionals and their total commitment to the client make LCA a fundamental strategic partner.

  • Diego Hidalgo
    Director, Global Insights, AB InBev (2010)

    We chose LCA among global suppliers for the quality of their work and client service. After a pilot in two countries, in 2007 we launched a global project to optimize marketing ROI.

  • Wilson Ferreira Jr.
    CEO, CPFL Energia S.A. (2010)

    LCA's macroeconomic analysis, projections and scenarios have proved highly accurate, helping us enhance the efficiency of our operations and supporting our long-term decisions.

  • Guilherme Loureiro
    Senior Vice-President, Finance, Americas Region, Unilever (2010)

    I have worked with LCA for over ten years and all this time I have received valuable contributions to the development of our business from them. The quality of their work and their integration with our people make LCA very important partners.

  • Carlos Polo
    Chief Financial Officer, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brazil (2010)

    LCA has made a key contribution to helping us gain a deeper understanding of market trends and produce more accurate, efficient forecasts. As a result, we are able to make better business decisions.

  • Pedro Mariani
    General Counsel, Ambev (2015)

    LCA’s Competition Economics practice is a strong partner. Its hallmarks are dedication and fast response time. We work with LCA on several fronts, from competition to taxation, litigation and arbitration. In addition to combining high technical standards with excellence in institutional relations, LCA is good at building long-term partnerships with its clients. Its professionals are competent and unremittingly seek solutions to our business issues.

  • José Francisco de Lima Gonçalves
    Chief Economist, Banco Fator S.A. (2015)

    We have benefited from LCA's valuable services since the 1990s. Always precise and available, they combine detailed research and analysis with information of great breadth on all the macroeconomic and international economic topics that interest us. Their material is plentiful and useful, their presentations rigorous and creative.

  • Paulo Cezar C. Tavares
    Vice President, Power Management, CPFL (2010)

    LCA has supported us for over ten years in modeling and market forecasting for power purchasing and investment planning purposes. We are proud of this longstanding partnership because the results continuously increase our accuracy in a discipline of vital importance to the sector.

  • Décio Carbonari de Almeida
    CEO, Banco Volkswagen (2010)

    In addition to supplying macroeconomic analysis and projections we use on a day-to-day basis, LCA has helped us efficiently by furnishing presentations and research on the sectors in which we are specifically interested.

  • Gabriel Aleixo
    Director, Marketing Services, Philips do Brasil (2010)

    Working with LCA has enabled us to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of the markets in which we operate, greatly enhancing our forecasts and the quality of our decisions. LCA's team are very good at integrating with our business areas and have genuinely added value for us.

  • Arnaldo Tibyriçá
    Vice President for Corporate Legal Affairs, Grupo Abril (2009)

    Approval for Abril's acquisition of Fernando Chinaglia Distribuidora by CADE, the competition tribunal, was a very important milestone for the Group. The antitrust implications of this acquisition were challenging, to say the least. They were successfully surmounted thanks partly to the competence and commitment of our outside advisors, including LCA, whose technical prestige and outstanding contributions made all the difference.

  • Dário Bampa
    Managing Director, Abinee (Brazilian electrical & electronics industry association) (2009)

    LCA's contribution played a crucial part in the production and quality of the report published by Abinee on the electrical and electronics sector. It was widely recognized as excellent for its competence and dedication.

  • Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter
    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Grupo Gerdau (2015)

    LCA integrated with our people in a genuine spirit of teamwork. Their input, together with the contributions of our legal advisors and other experts, enabled us to lay a sound basis for our positions and provide all the information required by the authorities in a timely and consistent manner.

  • João Carlos Basilio
    Executive President, ABIHPEC (November 2017)

    "We have been working with LCA Consultores for some years, surveying and mapping difficulties that the Personal Hygiene, Grooming and Cosmetics industry faces in the light of future tax policies, and presenting analyses, projections and consequences.

    The deliveries have always been excellent and have become an important tool in defending our industry’s interests so that it may retain its competitiveness and representativeness on the global stage."