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Market Intelligence

LCA is a pioneer and leader in market intelligence. Our clients are large corporations in most economic sectors. We have already exported MI services to more than fifteen countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

LCA works openly and transparently, with directors and senior consultants always playing a key role in projects. We offer solutions that can be integrated into the business cycle, serving as support for planning and for strategic and tactical decisions.

Our focus on personalized service assures strong interaction with the client’s own team, and this permits considerable flexibility in developing products that take into account any limitations in data availability as well as leveraging the client’s knowledge of the market.

For companies that manufacture intermediate goods, our solutions help develop a planning culture, anticipate the movements of the economy, cut costs, and plan production.

For manufacturers of consumer goods and companies in the service sector, our portfolio includes market sizing and demand forecasting by category or product. We develop studies on pricing, market share and profitability, as well as innovation scenarios.

Marketing ROI is the latest addition to this lineup. Our exclusive technology, interactive tools and specialized account management enables clients to build a solid, integrated foundation on which to optimize marketing budgets and measure return on investment in marketing activities.