• Sectors covered
  • Sectors covered

Infrastructure & Transportation

For the infrastructure and transportation sector, LCA offers expertise and integrated action by all four practice areas, with Macroeconomics and Market Intelligence supplying valuable input for projects developed by Competition Economics and Investment & Corporate Finance.

LCA’s contributions range from recommendations on regulatory enhancement and tariff review (X factor, sectoral reset indexes etc) to economic feasibility studies, research on economic and financial equilibrium, studies of new business prospects, and analysis of concession agreements.

We have built a reputation for excellence in interaction with licensing and other authorities in the various regulated sectors (Aneel, the national electric power industry regulator; ANP, the hydrocarbons regulator; Anatel, the telecommunications regulator; Antaq, the water transportation regulator; ANTT, the road/rail transportation regulator; and the Ministries of Mining & Energy, Finance, Transportation, and Development, Industry & Trade), with a track record of decisive participation in important procedures such as auctions, tenders, and public consultations.

Excellence in Competition Economics
LCA’s Competition Economics practice has participated in important projects relating to the housing market, the asphalt industry, and regulated sectors such as electricity, fuels, ports and airports, roads and railroads, telecommunications, and sanitation. The projects in question resulted in sectoral studies, economic opinions, position papers, and contributions to public consultations.

Expertise in Investment & Corporate Finance
LCA’s Investment & Corporate Finance practice produces economic and financial feasibility studies and valuation studies for public and private investors in roads, railroads, ports and sanitation projects, among others. It also supports major investor groups via financial modeling for auctions and negotiations with investment funds and development banks, as well as mergers and acquisitions, working alongside Competition Economics